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I'm running Chrome OS on my CR-48. I know Chrome OS doesn't currently support Silverlight and thus doesn't support Netflix but I'd like to give it a shot anyway. What about playing it on my PC and remote accessing the PC to watch it? I currently use ThinVNC for remote access from Chrome OS but it doesn't have any audio support, plus the video refresh rate is pretty slow for watching video. I use Subsonic for media access from my CR-48 but I don't see anyway to get this to work with Netflix since Subsonic only works with files downloaded to my hard drive. Any way I could do this? Thanks for your help!

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Your best bet would be to use the Remote Desktop Connection feature built-in to Windows XP and later. Remote Desktop supports remote audio and it's video subsystem works at higher level in the Windows operating system and will offer improved video quality, although it still might not be acceptable for video watching.

You can enable Remote Desktop in the System section of the Control Panel on Windows. The only way to run rdesktop on Chrome OS seems to require copying the binary from a Linux Live CD or USB but I don't have a CR-48 so someone who does might know of a better solution.

By the way, Silverlight does work on Linux (and thus could run on Chrome OS), via the Moonlight application from the Mono project, but Netflix currently doesn't allow their Instant Queue service to run on Linux clients.

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Thanks for your thoughts, I don't think I can use the RDC feature built into windows since I'm running just Chrome OS and not jail breaking to also run Linux. I have a feeling that some other remote access solution could work quite well though. I didn't think Silverlight and Moonlight were the same thing. And even if Netflix videos would theoretically run in Moonlight would it support the DRM they use? – Blake Mar 6 '11 at 3:55
@Blake: There are a couple of ways to get better video performance out of VNC but no way to get audio that I'm aware of. The link I provided explains how to copy rdesktop from a Linux installation but otherwise leave Chrome OS unmodified. It's not "jailbreaking" by any stretch of the imagination. I just had another idea I'll post in a different answer though. The DRM is exactly the problem. Netflix chooses not to support Linux, there is no technical limitation that prevents them from doing so. – Patches Mar 6 '11 at 7:19

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