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Is there a system tray app out there that provides quick access for controlling system services? I'm thinking a popup menu that lists all services on the system and provides Start/Stop/Restart controls for each one.

Surely there's something like this out there? I'm aware of the services snap-in and controlling services from the command line, but something in the system tray would be more convenient for my purposes.

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There is Seobiseu. Once it is installed it gives you pop-up menu with services you select. It has start, stop and restart.

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Just what I'm looking for -- any change you can add a 'restart' option? –  arathorn Apr 15 '11 at 15:17
@arathorn It has restart option now. –  Josip Medved May 9 '11 at 22:11

Have a look at this

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Also this one can do it for you: https://code.google.com/p/tray-service-control/

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