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Possible Duplicate:
Easiest way to copy or clone boot partition onto new hard drive

I need to clone a SATA disk from a Windows 7 computer to an external USB disk. After that I will replace the SATA disk with a new one and copy what is on the USB disk to the new SATA drive.

I have tried to do this with Partition Wizard, but I was not able to make the Windows 7 system boot.

Which software can I use for this?

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Ghost, g4l, acronis or any Backup Tools included in the HirensBootCD.

In some situations the mbr doesn't work after a deploy of the image but you could fix it with a winpe disk or the HBC utility to recovery the mbr.

good luck!

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I recommend this tool because it doesn't do dangerous things like messing around with your partition table (like Ghost does):

  Drive Snapshot disk imaging

It can also restore to a different sized disk, and will correct the file system properly (even if the built-in Windows repair tools it attempts to use first fail). You can also edit (and re-snapshot) the snapshot image (as a virtual hard drive) before restoring it to your new hard drive.

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