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I'd like to create a smart playlist that includes randomly chosen albums from my music library. Once I listen to the album on my iPod touch, I'd like it to remove that album and substitute a new randomly chosen album when I sync. Music should play in album order, not song order.

Is there any way to do this, or at least come close?

BTW, I'm on Windows, so a Mac plugin won't help.

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I'd just create a Smart Playlist with the criteria you outlined:

Last Played is not in the last X days

or Plays is less than 1 (or 2, or 3)

Limit it to a time period or size, selected by album.

Make sure Live Update is checked so that the album will update itself as the play counts change, etc.

It should build a playlist that will update accordingly every time you sync your iPod (play counts and last played dates are synced).

I've used similar playlists to make sure high rated, low-play-count songs get added to my iPod for years. Keeps things from getting stale, especially in a large music collection...

iTunes Random Albums

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