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so that if I maximize any other window I can still see the pidgin window where I pinned it and the other Window just takes up the rest of the space.

I am using Windows XP. I think it should be a Pigdin plugin or something but cannot seem to find it.

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Ok, I have found the option you seem to be looking for.

Select: Tools -> Plugins

Scroll down the list and find the plugin: Windows Pidgin Options

Put a check mark beside this plugin, then click on the Configure Plugin button

On the configuration window, there is a section called Buddy List which should give you the option of making your buddy list a Dockable Buddy List, which allows you to pin the buddy list to one edge of the screen, and a dropdown of options for Keep Buddy List on Top. I have the dropdown set to Only when docked on my system.

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This was helpful, although I was looking for how to unpin pidgin – Tara Singh Sep 20 '11 at 20:56
I set "Keep Buddy List on Top" to "Never" so that the drop shadow on Windows 7 doesn't go over maximized windows. – sirlancelot Dec 16 '11 at 18:59

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