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I knew someone that had a some app running at the botton left of his screen near he's dock, which monitored cpu usage at least. It had to green bars, prob one for each core.

I'm wondering if anyone knows what app that is or of a free app that is like it?

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There is a native app: Activity Monitor.

To show stats on Dock, go to View -> Dock Icon and select what you want to display.

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lol thank you very much! – erikvold Mar 6 '11 at 1:22

There are a few tools availible:

  • Built-in: Activity Monitor: included with OS X, availible at /Applications/Utilities/Activity
  • Paid or free: The 'iStat' applications and widgets by iSlayer. I use iStat Menus to monitor RAM usage without hogging precious, precious windowable space.
  • Free: GeekTool is a more advanced tool that will run shell scripts and return the results on your desktop. You can style it in various ways to produce some really stunning effects, if you're looking for eye candy.
  • Paid: Stattoo by Panic. This is old, and not free.
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