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I am compiling a new kernel, and want to enable SELinux but don't see it in menuconfig anywhere. The only framework under security options is I ask, what happened to SELinux? Both and do not seem to have it present....

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*** Humour *** The "great penguin" needs an occasional vacation too! ;D – Randolf Richardson Mar 6 '11 at 17:41
answer is that it needs auditing enabled first in generals setup. – Jace Hall Mar 7 '11 at 0:51

[Copying Jace's comment into a full answer]

Auditing must first be enabled from general setup. From Linux Kernel in a Nutshell:

SELinux requires that the networking option be enabled. See the section called “Networking” to enable this.

SELinux also requires that audit be enabled in the kernel configuration. To do this:

 General setup
     [*] Auditing support

Also, the networking security option must be enabled:

 Security options
     [*] Enable different security models
     [*]   Socket and Networking Security Hooks

Now it is possible to select the SELinux option:

Security options
    [*] Enable different security models
    [*] NSA SELinux Support 

There are also a number of individual SELinux options that you might wish to enable. Please see the help for the individual different items for more descriptions on what they do in.

 Security options
     [*] Enable different security models
     [*] NSA SELinux Support
     [ ]   NSA SELinux boot parameter
     [ ]   NSA SELinux runtime disable
     [*]   NSA SELinux Development Support
     [*]   NSA SELinux AVC Statistics
     (1)   NSA SELinux checkreqprot default value
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