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How to record video only around the mouse cursor and when the mouse moves then follow it?

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What version of Camtasia studio are you using? – Siim K Mar 6 '11 at 22:06

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I haven't tried it myself, but Camtasia's SmartFocus feature seems to take care of some of that - following the area of activity.

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Looks like the current version of Camtasia Studio does not have such a feature. But you can take advantage of Windows Magnifer tool to achieve it.

Windows Vista and 7:

  • Open Magnifer. Under Options, tick the Follow the mouse pointer checkbox
  • Set the zoom level to 200% (or more, if needed) and the screen will pan as you move your mouse. Record the whole screen

Windows XP:

  • This version of Magnifier does not zoom in on the whole screen. Instead you get a window. Check that the Follow mouse cursor checkbox is ticked.
  • Set the zoom level. Record only the Magnifier window
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