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I just reinstalled Mumble, and now when I try to login on my favourite server I get «Incorrect Password». Why is that?

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When you install Mumble for the first time, a certificated was created for you. That is your "password." You should've saved it somewhere safe, and reimported it when reinstalling Mumble. You didn't.

When you registered, or were registered with your favourite server, what actually happened was a binding between your certificate and your nickname. With that certificate, you can only login with that username; without that certificate, you cannot login with that username. You now need that certificate.

If you still have it saved somewhere, import it: open ConfigurationCertificate wizard, then pick Import certificate. Select your certificate and continue; you'll be able to login normally.

If you don't have the certificate anymore, because you probably never even knew about this whole thingadongdong, what you must do is:

  1. Ask an admin of your server to delete your account. (The relevant dialog can be reached via ServerRegistered users.)
  2. While he does that, open ConfigurationCertificate wizard, then choose Export Certificate. Put it somewhere safe (say, Dropbox) for later retrieval.
  3. While the admin processes your request, change your nickname to login anyway if you're in a hurry. Do not register!
  4. When the admin tells you he's done deleting your account, log out, then log in with your "official" nick.
  5. Register with the server and ask the admin to regrant you the privs you previously had.

...and next time, remember to import that certificate! It's important.

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Dropboxing the cert is a great idea. Just did that with mine. – MBraedley Mar 7 '11 at 0:46

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