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After upgrading Ubuntu our administrator at work un-installed GoldenDict and instead of that installed StarDict. I had been using a lot of Babylon dictionaries in GoldenDict.

I have found out that StarDict doesn't support Babylon dictionaries and that I need to convert them. I found dictconv tool to convert Babylon dictionaries into StarDict dictionary. dictconv converts very well but once I add it to StarDict and want to see the result, StarDict shows results along with HTML tags, the result looks like this:

<--- An English-Spanish Dictionary (Granada University, Spain), 10.5 --->
<i> (v.)</i><i> = <b>escribir, redactar, confeccionar</b></i><br> <br>Def: <i>
Verbo irregular: pasado <b>wrote</b>, participio <b>written</b></i>.
<br> Ex: <i>A paraphrase is an interpretation of the concepts featured in a document, <b>written</b> in the language of the writer of the paraphrase</i>.<br> ----

Does anybody know other converters? or How can I solve this specific error?


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After searching in google have found finally what I was looking for.

So, in order to convert Babylon dictionary into StarDict I did following instructions:

  • sudo apt-get install stardict-tools installing stardict-tools
  • stardict-editor - openign stardict-editor
  • An editor will be opened where you need to browse and select you .BGL file(Babylon Dictionary)
  • In the bottom of the opened application you select BGL file and click on Build button
  • It will create a file with an extension .babylon.
  • Next browse and select this file
  • In the bottom of the opened application you select Babylon file and click on Build button
  • That's it. It will create 3 files (, .idx, .ifo) in the current directory
  • Copy and paste it into one separate directory under StarDict dictionary folder.

That's it.

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