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How can i set my OpenWrt 10.03 router to not to use instead, use a /32 mask, so every client, that gets an ip from the DHCP server just can't sniff the network traffic - it would be a great security feature to safely use e.g.: FTP!

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On the wireless side this is done with WPA settings. On the wired side, I think you would need to set up a VLAN per port. Then you can setup a /30 or /28 for each port. /32 addresses are point to point, and I don't think you they will work with DHCP.

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How about going to LuCI administration->network->DHCP->additional filed->IPv4 netmask->add?

There you should be able to set up the netmask. I think that the correct setting should be Please do report results!

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i configured it, rebooted the router, but it still gives a C class :D very interesting.. :D – LanceBaynes Mar 7 '11 at 16:34
@user62367 Interesting. I'll check settings on my router and see what can be done. – AndrejaKo Mar 7 '11 at 17:05

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