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I have an archive folder that contains all messages I ever received on my mail account. The mail account is not a Gmail account. One thing I love about Gmail is that the threaded view not only shows messages I received but also messages I sent.

The only piece missing in this puzzle is the possibility for to store a copy of all sent messages in my archive folder or to otherwise combine these two folders. Is this possible?

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How about a smart folder that combines Sent + Archive? – Daniel Beck Mar 7 '11 at 18:07
@Daniel: Make this an answer and I will accept it. I have updates the question accordingly. – bastibe Mar 7 '11 at 21:28
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You can use Smart Folders to include all your Mail, e.g. with rules that match any of:

  • Mail in your (inbox) Archive
  • Mail in your Sent folder
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Yes, has configurable 'rules' which allow this. I would, however warn that you may be substantially increasing the amount of space that Mail.App uses, since Mail.App stores messages differently than Gmail.

see for several examples on how to configure Mail.App rules.

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