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I have a current generation MacBook Air (11.6"). The trackpad no longer mechanically clicks. It moves a bit and registers the click, but doesn't click. Possibly related to resting a hot cup of coffee on the case. Is there any way of fixing it, with or without T5s? Or is it a get Apple to fix it/live with it?

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I switch on the "tap to click" option (under Apple > System Preferences... > Trackpad) for a week. But now it has fixed itself as if by magic. Crumbs? –  Tom Hawtin - tackline Mar 13 '11 at 17:02
It went bad again. After I had my screen replaced it came back working but not well enough for me to switch back from tap-to-click. –  Tom Hawtin - tackline Mar 5 '13 at 16:21

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this situation happened to me on my last mac and the only solution I found was to basically change the trackpad itself. Because I was not on warranty, I went on ifixit.com, purchased a new one and changed it. Not an easy task but it fixed my problem...

If you prefer you can always "genius bar" this situation... but it will be more expensive.

Good luck.

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also i noticed that a bad battery can cause this problem, if you remove the back cover and the battery see if the back of the battery (the one that is directly in contact with your trackpad) is flat as it should be and without any bump. I fixed mine just pressing (gently) the bumps in the back of the battery. And of course if this is the case buy a new battery!.

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