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I have developed an HTML e-campaign which uses tables and all the ugly stuff required for HTML emails.

I'm pasting this via Open File ( I paste the URL ) and it retrieves the resources ( images ) and pastes the layout in MS Word. When I go and save this as an RTF, close Word and reopen the RTF, the images are broken.

Anyone have a clue as to how to work around this issue? I can confirm 100% that the image resource is VALID, it's through http and NOT https.

I've tried various advanced options relating to tables/formatting and all to no avail.

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When you're selecting the image file, you'll notice there's a drop down button next to the Insert button. Click on that and choose Link to File instead. That should work better.

Word insert

Unfortunately, Microsoft Word doesn't handle images in RTF format very well, nor does it handle HTML very well, especially for your purposes. You might still have trouble. Consider using a WYSIWYG HTML editor instead, such as KompoZer (which is free), Microsoft Expression Web or Adobe Dreamweaver (which are not). They won't mangle your links and produce cleaner HTML output that will work better in many e-mail clients.

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