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I'd like to automatically have text I kill in emacs get put into screen's clipboard. I don't care too much about travel the other direction. I can do it now via a temporary file, but I have to run a command to grab the data in screen each time.

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You could modify the variable interprogram-cut-function to have a value that is a function you write that pushes all killed text into screen's clipboard (and probably also your window system's clipboard via x-select-text, which is the default value). So you would end up adding code similar to the following to your ~/.emacs file:

(setq interprogram-cut-function 'my-interprogram-cut-function)

(defun my-interprogram-cut-function (text)
  "... docstring here ..."

  ;; First, do the default action.
  (x-select-text text)

  ;; Next, push the killed text into screen (somehow).

The part at the end will probably involve running a process with start-process.

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