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I want to setup automatic backup on schedule from my mac to amazone s3. I'm using for this purpose launchd + s3cmd.

s3cmd is working fine in terminal.app. But launchd can't run s3cmd. I see in system.log errors like:

Mar  5 12:48:17 kinds-MacBook com.kind.s3cmd[13060]: ERROR: Can't find a config file. Please use --config option.
Mar  5 12:48:17 kinds-MacBook com.apple.launchd[1] (com.kind.s3cmd[13060]): Exited with exit code: 1

Looks like launchd has different from Bash environment.

How can I use s3cmd with launchd?

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RTFM as usual:

s3sync needs to know several interesting values to work right. It looks for them in the following environment variables -or- a s3config.yml file. In the yml case, the names need to be lowercase (see example file). Furthermore, the yml is searched for in the following locations, in order:



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