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is there a way to access, move, and launch elements of the system tray?, I.e. like the hotkeys to access the taskbar items (Windows+Number)

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Based on what @Shinray said about the ⊞ Win + B shortcut, I created this AutoHotkey script:

#SingleInstance, force
CoordMode, Mouse, Screen
SetDefaultMouseSpeed, 0
RControl & 1::
jumper(1, "Enter")
RControl & 2::
jumper(2, "SingleClick")

jumper(position, action)
MouseGetPos, xpos, ypos
sendInput {LWinDown}{b}{LWinUp}{Right %position%}{Enter}
Sleep, 100
if(action = "Enter")
if(action = "SingleClick")
MouseClick, left
if(action = "DoubleClick")
MouseClick, left, , ,2
if(action = "RightClick")
    MouseClick, right
MouseMove %xpos%, %ypos%

Simply press Rctrl+Number to activate; click or right click the systray icon that you need.

For example I put the enter and click action to the first two icons (on my system they are uTorrent and Altdrag). The number indicates the appearance order.

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If you're looking for something built-in, the answer is 'no'. Unless you count the old-fashioned "Switch focus to the taskbar, tab over to the system tray, arrow over the icon you want, etc" method. You can shorten this with WinKey+B, but you'll still have to arrow and then interact the hard way.

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There is a free app you can use called Taskbar Shuffle.

You are able to reorder the open windows in the taskbar as you prefer. I'm pretty sure this app allows you to reorder the systray icons too. I'm not sure if it supports hotkeys however, though it might...

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systray icons not taskbar – mjsr Mar 8 '11 at 17:47
And the program you mention also has nothing to do with launching with hotkeys – barlop Mar 8 '11 at 19:31

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