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I'm currently using Macromedia Flash but I'm having problem with a specific site that uses a live streaming. Reading on google groups I found out that there is a problem with 10.2.* version so I would like to go back to 10.1.* but I can't find it on the official adobe page.

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For the official Adobe download, you can check out the Archived Adobe Flash Plugin page. The files here, though, look they they are actually meant for developers (and the installer is huge - 10.1 is 81 MB).

Instead, you might want to look at FileHippo. They usually have older version of files and installers, and for both the IE flash plugin and Non-IE flash plugin, they have slightly over a year's worth of installers.

I would grab the most recent version of 10.1, which is IE version | Non-IE version

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One can only love the clever "products affected" information on that page. – Daniel Beck Mar 8 '11 at 19:52

I'd recommend not making a habit of having an out of date version of Flash, but adobe keeps these available here: Flashplayer Archive for Developers

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thanks, but those files are pretty big to be the binary version of the plugin. – dierre Mar 8 '11 at 20:02

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