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On my "PC" :

I installed iPC/Mac OS X (I created HFS+ partition during the installation process) Next, I created a FAT32 GUID partion with Mac OS X Disk utility. Then I installed Windows Vista on a new NTFS partion (created on Windows Vista installation) I let some free space. (I thought I'll install GNU/Linux also)

I created a second NTFS partion on Windows Vista. (I never saw it on Mac OS with MacFUSE-NTFS-3g)

When I needed some more space on C:, I tried to mix the available free space with C: using a VistaPE liveCD. VistaPE said it will convert my disk to "Dynamic Disk", I didn't cared : I accepted. Unfortunately Windows didn't boot after.

Thanks to Test Write (runned from Vista PE) : I recovered the HFS+ partition (Mac OS X can now boot), and the second Windows partition but C is not accessible and has still its old size...

On GNU/Linux Ubuntu Live CD : C: appears but can't be mounted On Vista PE : C: appears as RAW format and can't be mounted too..

Which (NTFS partition) recovering tool should I use?

I think the C: data are still here but my disk partition table is altered. With photorec it is possible to recover the file content without their name.

I tried to use Active@ Boot Disk (Live CD) but it didn't worked properly (it ends on a sort of Windows blue screen of death)

How to restore my partition C: as it was before? In the case I sucess repairing that partition : how to add more free space without putting a so big disorder..

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possible duplicate of Need decent undelete utility for Windows – Ƭᴇcʜιᴇ007 Mar 9 '11 at 17:41

You could try out some of the partition recovery tools on the Hiren's Boot CD:

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