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I would like some/any recommendation for a Batch/Bulk File Renamer software for Windows 7.

The thing is, I want a software that can rename files in a watched folder. By this I mean that the software must keep watch inside the folder, for new files and rename any new file that enters the folder. The renaming process should use a Regular Expression pattern or something like that. I should be able to set the renaming rules in a very customizable way.

The usability would be that, I receive/download lots of files in a folder and I want every new file that comes in the folder and matches a regular expression to be automatically renamed. But to rename the file to the new name the program must read the original filename to figure out which name it should assign to the file.

e.g.: I receive a file named internal.process.tutorial.part1of9.avi than the software matches the words "internal", "process", "tutorial" and "partXofY". So it can know that it can rename the file to IP.Tutorial.PartXofY.by.John.Smith.avi" replacing X by 1 and Y by 9 in the example.

I don't know if I made myself clear enough here. For me it looks like a tricky matter to handle and I don't know if anyone out there knows a software like this, and even if it exists.

There's this program Bulk File Rename that does a lot in renaming files but there's no watch folder feature so I guess this counts as a new question here.

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Take a look at Hygeia, and see if it does what you need.

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