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On my VPS i've installed debian, apache+php.
I have 2 users: foo and bar.
Apache is configured to execute php files from /home/foo/htdocs.

I created dir: /home/foo/htdocs/bar/ and made it home dir for user bar. Hover, I need to make a restriction: bar can't read, write or executre any files outside his own dir, but Apache has to be able execute all php files from /htdocs.

I tried to chown the bar dir only for user bar, also experimented a lot with chmod but without a result so far.

If there's any better way to satisfy my needs don't hesitate to write about it.

Thanks in advance

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It would be a lot easier to put bar's web-facing files in /home/bar/htdocs/ and then adding the following line to your httpd.conf to make it accessible at

Alias /bar /home/bar/htdocs

Be sure to configure a <Directory> section appropriately too.

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