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How to connect to the internet in Back Track installed in oracle Virual Box version 3.2.6 r63112. I have kept the Adapter setting on NAT for Virtual Box I was trying to connect to internet but it is not working Please guide me

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  1. Is your BT interface up? Usually when starting backtrack the connections are down.
    • Look at the ifconfing command, but it should be ifconfig eth0 up
  2. Does it have an IP? Normally NAT mode of VB provides a DHCP server.
    • Look at dhclient : dhclient eth0 should work.
  3. Then you have to check that the domain name resolver works :
    • Try a nslookup if the command is available. Look at /etc/resolv.conf if it does not work to configure the DNS resolver.
  4. Try to connect.
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Try running this command from the Terminal

/etc/init.d/networking start

Since Backtrack is a security suite, no internet connections are enabled by default.

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