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i simply can't think of using firefox without Greasemonkey scripts. there is always some risk in using greasemonkey script. so let us enlist some good tested and examined greasemonkey scripts that can be used by newbies in Greasemonkey.

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Some basics -- How safe is Greasemonkey?
This link has a few scripts for Google however, I'll let others comment on their safety.

The site has some reviewed scripts.
Look at Ratings, Fans and, maybe Installs counters to gauge roughly.

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hey nik, is there any other good site for greasemonkey...ofcourse reliable. – jack.spicer Aug 19 '09 at 15:48

I have had no trouble in using greasemonkey scripts. I get all mine from, my favourites are 4chan updater and Facebook Auto-Colourizer.

If you learn javascript, you will likely be able to the good from the bad, and on userscripts, anything evil will likely be removed.

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there are still some script which redirects you to the fake page ...kind of phishing techniqe – jack.spicer Aug 19 '09 at 15:50

For those of you socialise through ORKUT.

Orkut Manager Plus By Swarnava/Heaven GOD

this script is very useful and safe i have used it for months. Author updates it frequently and i don't have any complains as of now.

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