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I have 2 different solution files which have the same name in 2 different locations on my drive. I have 2 different instances of Visual Studio 2010 open and have a solution in each of them open. I'm working on both of them at the same time and I keep getting mixed up about which is which.

Without having to right click on one of my folders in my solution explorer and "Opening Folder in Windows Explorer," is there a way to tell the difference between the 2?

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I guess the only way to do this will be to show the path of the solutions in the title bar
This stackoverflow discussion should help you :
Display solution/file path in Visual Studio IDE

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Install the visual studio color theme editor using the extension manager in Tools > Extension Manager...

Then simply go to the toolbar and select Theme > |Pick a theme| on one of the instances.

Now you will have completely different looking Visual studio instances opened.

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