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New Macbook Pro came in yesterday with MS Office Outlook crashes consistently on importing from .pst after about 30 seconds. I see a EXC_BAD_ACCESS and something about CF get string length or the like. Tried 2 different .pst files created on different dates of different folders.

Mail and Thunderbird lack options for importing from .PST. I can export to .csv but still didn't see an option for importing that.

How can I get my .pst files into an e-mail client on the Mac?

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This is a known and fairly widespread problem. You need to ensure the PST file is not ANSI-encoded. Other workarounds are suggested in the above MS support article, including exporting individual PST files for email, contacts, calendar, etc.

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In the past, I've used Outlook2Mac which automates the export of emails from Outlook to a form that can be understood by Apple's mail program or Microsoft Entourage program from Office 2004.

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