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The MySQL Workbench seems to be a nice tool for create database schemata.

When I export a model, there is a checkbox for "create insert statements". Thus, it should have an option to fill one's tables with data, but I can't find it anywhere.

So how to add data to your tables in MySQL workbench? Or, what tools do you recommend for this task?

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Typically you build your schema in MySQL and you either let the app using the database populate itself with data over time, or you'll be importing existing data from an existing system using some level of scripting or programming, possibly/probably an extension of whatever system will be using the database.

I suppose certain test cases may exist where you'd want to use Workbench to generate some data; or maybe you want to populate some lookup tables at schema creation, but I'd think there would be better/easier ways...Regardless, MySQL's official documentation for this is here.

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