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I'd like to create a no-login account on my OS X (10.6.6) laptop at home so that I can establish a reverse SSH tunnel to it from my desktop at work.

My intention is to create cron job (at work) that periodically checks dropbox for a given file. If it is there, it will establish a reverse tunnel to my laptop at home. I will use SSH keys to eliminate the need to enter a password. However, I don't want just anyone to jump on to my machine and have shell access to my laptop.

Is creating a no-login account to work in this way possible? And, is it reasonable means of maintaining a high level of security?


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In the entry for the key in ~/.ssh/authorized_keys, set the no-pty and/or command options so that no shell can be opened (read may be useful as the command). See the sshd(8) man page for details.

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add no-pty option to ~/.ssh/authorized_keys is enforce on account level. Is there an option to block pty from system level? – Chau Chee Yang Jul 17 '11 at 5:08

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