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My Wife and I both would like to sync our photos and back them up online at the same time. So far, Live Mesh has been perfect for this but since it only allows 5GB of online storage, we don't get the online backup that we would like. Another negative about Live Mesh is that it's still beta I think. Also, there aren't as many mobile apps that support SkyDrive yet from what I know (iPhone and Android specifically). I know that DropBox has a lot of mobile support.

DropBox would work as well, but currently there are no shared quotas between multiple dropbox accounts. In other words, If I want to use part of my DropBox quota for family photos and the other for personal files, I wouldn't be able to give my Wife's DropBox account access to the family photos only and have her not see or have access to my other personal files.

What would everyone suggest here? I've been struggling with this and it seems like it should be simple. Note that I don't mind paying for online storage so long as prices are reasonable (In fact, I'm expecting to pay a monthly fee). Also note that I am only looking for solutions on Windows, outside of mobile platforms (i.e. I'm not using Linux or Mac)

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I've been happy with Mozy Home online backup. You can add additional computers for a small fee: http://mozy.com/home/pricing/

Mozy can also backup to a local drive at the same time, so you have the backup locally too.

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