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Is it possible to change the default username in Haiku from user to something else?

When setting-up pre-shared keys between my Haiku workstation and remote devices, it would be nice to be able to type ssh host.tld rather than ssh remoteuser@host.tld.

The default username in Haiku is user (which makes sense since it's designed to be a single-user OS), but altering that when starting remote sessions would be nice.

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AFAIK the only way to do this at this point is to manually edit /etc/passwd.

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Ssh has a config file located at ~/.ssh/config

Host computer host.tld
Hostname host.tld¬
User remote
Compression yes¬
Port 22
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/pkey¬

With this kind of config you can do

ssh computer

And it will connect to host.tld with username remote on port 22 with compression and the given identity file.

See ssh man for more information.

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When you build your own images, you can also specify the user name in your UserBuildConfig file (see build/jam/UserBuildConfig.sample/.ReadMe):

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