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I just got a new Mac. My iPhone contacts are extensive and complete. I understand that if I want to sync the computer and the IPhone, I must make sure the computer is the source since all existing info on the iPhone will be overwritten. I don't know what to do.Who can help me? Thank you for any help!!!

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Sync is two-way. Be sure to backup your iPhone first in case something goes wrong though.

Alternatively, use iPhoneView.

Full Contact List Access
Need to grab contacts from an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch? PhoneView displays your entire contact list organized by contact group. Simply drag contacts to the Desktop to save V-card files or send contacts directly to your Mac OS X Address Book.

Alternatively, migrate your contacts from your previous computer, if they're on there. If it's a Mac, you can use Migration Assistant, and if it's not, you can usually export to vCards.

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