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I've admittedly been out of IT for TOO long, and dont' have this probably simple answer in my brain.

I have a Gateway MX6453 that the Seagate UltraATA-100 drive has bad sectors, won't boot to OS. Want to clone and replace drive.

Can I replace with an SATA drive, or will connectors be too different for the enclosure the current drive is in?

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No you cannot plug in a SATA drive to an ATA connection. They make adapters but I do not think there will be space for it within the laptop.

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Ultra-ATA / ATA-100 is a variant of Parallel ATA (PATA, the old 40/80 wire ribbon cables). You cannot use a SATA drive to replace this unit without some kind of adapter (and as far as I know these are not made for laptop drives) -- Your best bet is to source a PATA/ATA-100 drive.

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