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I want to reduce the brightness of my monitor as per my wish . But ubuntu System->Prefernce->Monitor doesn't have options and I think that coz it uses generic drivers . How do I fix this problem ?

Model is Acer One Zg5 , Ubuntu 10.10 OS . Do I load the LCD driver ? I think it has a intel based inbuilt GFX card .

/proc/acpi/video/OVGA/LCD$ cat * device_id: 0x0400 type: UNKNOWN known by bios: no state: 0x1d query: 0x00

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What happens if you exec $ cat /proc/acpi/video/DGFX/LCD/brightness ? Do you have any brightness dev file in your /proc/acpi/video/OVGA? If yes, then try to adjust that value using echo 100 > /proc/acpi/video/DGFX/LCD/brightness else put a comment… ;)

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Using pastebin as its clunky format : – Nishant Mar 12 '11 at 17:25
Not sure what this means...? – slotishtype Jul 18 '11 at 10:26

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