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I opened the file /etc/fstab and found the following entries only:

proc            /proc           proc    nodev,noexec,nosuid      0       0  
/dev/sda5       /boot           ext4    defaults                 0       2
/dev/sda6       none            swap    sw                       0       0

At the same time I opened the /proc/filesystems file it is having the following entries:

nodev   sysfs  
nodev   rootfs  
nodev   bdev  
nodev   proc  
nodev   cgroup  
nodev   cpuset  
nodev   tmpfs  
nodev   devtmpfs  
nodev   debugfs  
nodev   securityfs  
nodev   sockfs  
nodev   pipefs  
nodev   anon_inodefs  
nodev   devpts  
nodev   ramfs  
nodev   hugetlbfs  
nodev   ecryptfs  
nodev   fuse  
nodev   fusectl  
nodev   mqueue  
nodev   binfmt_misc

Can somebody please explain me Why all these entries are not present in the /etc/fstab file?

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/proc/filesystems lists all the filesystem types (drivers if you want) currently available in your kernel.

/etc/fstab lists what devices should be mounted on which mount points.

Look at /proc/mounts, /etc/mtab, or use the mount command to see what filesystems are currently mounted.

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