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I am trying TextMate on a Mac and there are a lot of things i miss on Notepad++ that I wish TextMate has. Does anyone know if there is a way to enable bracket highlighting so I can see which parantheses/bracket corresponds to which and variable highlighting so I can double click a variable and see all instances of that variable highlighted.

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I don't think there are ways to do any of the things you ask in TextMate. Check my previous answer to a sort-of-similar question.

From what I gather, NP++ seems to sit between TextMate and a full-fledged IDE feature-wise. If you are still looking for a powerful text editor on the Mac may I suggest you try Komodo Edit (cross-platform, more IDE-like than TextMate, has both features, easy to learn) or Vim/Emacs (cross-platform, super powerful, blow NP++ and TM in every department except ease of use and user-friendlyness).

Maybe you can check out Coda and Espresso or Sublime Text 2 as well.

My favorite is Vim, by the way.

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Install the TextFX plugin for notepad++. Earlier it used to be bundled in notepad itself.But now all plugins are add-ons. You will get all the stuff you want.

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Textmate should light up the opening bracket when your cursor moves past its corresponding closing bracket, but a lot of it depends on the language you're using and how well put together the bundle is for it.

You may also check out Netbeans; if you can suffer along with a Java-based IDE, it does what you ask for and more. If you're doing web-based work, I highly recommend Espresso, as @romainl was nice enough to link to.

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