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Which is the best application to Sync two folders?

I want to know a very simple application to help me to keep and update backup copy of folders. I want to generate a list (alphabetically sorted) of all files (with size and last modification date) and subfolders of a folder that I choose, and save it to a legible file. I want to compare two folders to find differences between them and update the folder with newer files, instead to delete the entire old folder and copy the entire new folder.

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You might want to use rsync for this purpose, it does pretty much what you want to do manually. So it won't give you a nice diff log, but it will sync your directories without copying existing/untouched directories and files.

If you're using Windows:

Check out how to setup rsync for Windows here or here. Alternatively, install Cygwin, a collection of tools which provide a Linux look and feel environment for Windows. It contains rsync as well.

If you're using *nix (Unix/osx/Linux)

rsyncis included in nearly every major distribution and is accessible through the terminal. If yours hasn't, get it here.

About rsync

rsync will sync:

  • local -> local
  • local -> remote server
  • remote server -> local

Check out the rsync man(ual) page for more information on rsync.

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