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Need a Firefox-addon to save a selected text as *.txt file.

Is there a Firefox plugin for that?

Operating system is Windows XP.

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You are looking for stf.

stf lets you save selected text to file.

Works with Firefox 3.0 - 4.0.*

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You could also try:


Saves highlighted text to a file in a directory (defaulting to the user's home directory) After highlighting some text, right-click and select "Save Text to File" File names have the format "userPreference---.txt"


  • Firefox 19.0 - 30.*
  • Optional time/date stamps in saved file
  • Optional time/date stamps in saved file name
  • Optional dotted line separator between saves in a file
  • Can save current page URL into saved file
  • Preferences dialog can be shown when "Save Text to File" is clicked
  • Text is encoded in UTF-8 (Unicode) so all international characters can be stored correctly
  • Determines context clicked and only shows "Save to File" menuitem if context is text
  • Ability to either append text to existing file or create a new file

Localization: English (en-US), Chinese (zh-CN), French (fr), German (de), Japanese (ja), Polish (pl) and Spanish (es-ES)

Open source: Released under GNU GPL v3 license, want to help work on this Firefox extension? Get in touch ..

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