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I'm new to after effects. I want to apply some effect (for example flashing) to one of my images in composition. I want that effect to be applied from 5 to 10 second. How can I do this?

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There are so many answers to this.. heres one:

I'll assume you want the image to flash for 5 seconds then to be unaffected from then on.

  • Select your image in the Timeline
  • Search for 'Strobe' in the Effects & Presets panel
  • Drag the Strobe effect onto your image in the timeline
  • Observe the Effect controls palette which pops up
  • At time 0, set a keyframe on the Strobe property 'Blend with Original' with a value of 0%
  • At 5 seconds, set another keyframe on this property, with a value of 100%
  • (modify the strobe to taste)

If any of this is unclear, I'd suggest the excellent free tutorial series by Andrew Kramer at:

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