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I have installed Ubuntu (10.10) on a Macbook pro (6,2).

Does anyone know how to get the following buttons functionality: - Delete (fn+backspace doesn't work) - Home - End

The keyboard does not have a delete button - just backspace. Delete is the most missed one :(

Update: I don't know what I did but it works now. I king of did almost all that is written here. One of them probably helped.

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If you found an answer, please answer your own question. – Flimzy Oct 10 '15 at 10:25

Did you set the keyboard variant to a Mac keyboard? It's in System > Preferences > Keyboard > Layouts, you can add new layouts there. Select your layout and the Mac variant.

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Yes, I did but it did not help. What helped is what I wrote below – AlikElzin-kilaka Mar 13 '11 at 22:16

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