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I run the program NetBeans all of the time. It used to always show up in my Windows 7 start menu all of the time. I recently reformatted my laptop and my main computer, downloaded the latest version of NetBeans, and now no matter how many times I run it, the program won't show up in the start menu list! I don't want to pin it to the start menu. Any idea what's going on?

Yes, I'm OCD. =]

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You can try to reset/clear the list and seeing if it starts showing up after that. To reset the list right click on Start, choose Properties, go to Start menu tab, uncheck Privacy boxes, click OK, then follow the process again and recheck them.

Or, a little less destructive, you could try removing some items by right clicking on them and choosing remove from list. Doing this normally shows the next item that would be there if it were opened a few times more.

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Unchecking/Checking Privacy Options got it to show back up. Thanks Josh. =] – Kirk Ouimet Mar 14 '11 at 14:54

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