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A friend recently got a new Windows computer, and is in the process of installing apps on it. She has a bunch of old .wps files from Microsoft Works, which did not come installed on the new machine. It did come with a pseudo-version of MS Office, which seemed to be trialware or adware or something. She found it annoying, so I removed it and installed

Unfortunately, the vanilla/official/Oracle version of OOo does not support accessing .wps files. go-oo states on their home page that their variant supports this feature, however, their download page has not worked for me during the past couple of days, perhaps as a result of their having merged into LibreOffice.

I've not found any conclusive indication of whether or not LibreOffice supports this feature; there are vague rumblings in the ether to the effect that support is dubious at best.

It sounds like use of the libwps library needs to be compiled into the OOo build in order to make this feature available.

Does the current version of LibreOffice support accessing .wps files? If not, is it still possible to download the most recent version of go-oo? If not, is there some other variant available with a Windows build that can do this?


The new features page for LibreOffice version 3.3.1 does list Works import capabilities. I'm not running Windows myself, so I'll wait for my guinea pig friend to try this out before answering my own question.

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LibreOffice will open the file, with strikethrough on every word. If you remove formatting (Apple Style: far left second row of info bar) it will all be removed - and can then be saved easily, in whatever format you choose.

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LibreOffice on Linux definitely does open WPS files - just checked again to make sure for you - so I would suspect that the Windows version will be fine too.

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If you've installed via your distro package manager, this could have been added by the distro maintainers. For example, the ubuntu version of provides .wps access functionality. – intuited Mar 14 '11 at 19:33
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My trusted assistant (the friend mentioned in the question) has confirmed that LibreOffice 3.3.1 for Windows, as advertised, is able to open .wps files, or import them, or whatever "bring up" means in her own personal jargon vocabulary.

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