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Removed a graphics card from machine that dual boots Windows Vista & Ubuntu.

When using onboard graphics, the machine boots & works flawlessly in Ubuntu with the new HDTV.

However, after the GRUB menu, Windows does not show anything yet it boots because the hard drive light is stable after activity & when I do a hard reset, it asks me how to boot Windows (safe mode, command prompt, etc.)

Any thoughts or suggestions much appreciated.

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Try booting into Safe Mode or VGA mode.

If you can get Windows to boot either way remove your PCI graphics drivers and install whatever is appropriate for your on-board video. If you can't uninstall the drivers in Safe Mode then try VGA

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Thanks, should have stated yes, I am able to boot into Safe Mode. I'll try that option and see if I can post my results. Thanks in advance – miamisoftware Mar 15 '11 at 3:03

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