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I'm thrilled using wicd to connect to wireless networks. But when I suspend my laptop using the special keys, I just want to disconnect from wireless without having to use any kind of GUI or curses user interface. It says in the documentation that wicd works by sending DBUS messages, so presumably it's possible to write a command that talks to the daemon directly. But I can't figure out how.

Does anybody know by means of what shell command I can tell the wicd daemon to disconnect me from my wireless network?

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I haven't had much luck with wicd-cli, but this does seem to work:

wicd-cli -yx

See 'wicd-cli --help' for some very sparse documentation.

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I wound up just using

sudo ifdown --force wlan0

and I follow up by using modprobe to unload the drivers. It turns out that wicd copes with this brutality just fine, and on resume from suspend, I reload the drivers, run wicd-curses, and it graciously connects me to my preferred network.

I love wicd!

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