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I forgot my password to KeePass, but I know almost all of the letters/numbers and the order they go in.

I usually have a main password then add some stuff before and after that. Everything I try I get invalid/wrong key error.

I also enabled use master password and key file (on my flash drive).

Is there a word or password generator that will do every combo of my usual passwords?

Example of the passwords would be:

  • pswd (core)
  • wordpswd
  • "wordpswd"
  • wordpswd12
  • pswds12
  • etc.
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you could try using bash shell expansion,

echo {m,M}{y,Y}pass{,_}


whack that in a for loop.

edit, just seen your windows-vista tag. sorry, that's outside my area of fun. - try a linux live cd and get the job done :)

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