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Scenario: Just bough a 40 gig SSD, don't want to reinstall OS

Proposed solution: Convert existing HDD and new SSD to a spanned dynamic disk volume, having the SSD being the first part of said volume, then defrag to move system files into the 40 gig space

Problems: Will Trim function in this scenario? What about scheduled defragging, can that be exclusively set to defrag only the HDD part of the spanned volume?

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This wont work for multiple reasons. Drives being added as spanned volumes go at the existing volume and have to be blank. Since you are adding the SSD, it goes at the end and no data would be written till the first disk was full.

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That's a ridiculously overcomplicated idea.

Instead, use Macrium Reflect Free to image your existing HD to a backup file, then Restore that file to your new SSD. Be Certain to use the Partition Properties button to set the Alignment to Vista/7/1MB when you do the Restore, for maximum SSD performance and lifespan. Read the Macrium Help file if you have trouble finding the Partition Properties (it becomes enabled when you drag the partition from the backup to the SSD).

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