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I have a broken laptop with its hard drive intact. I'll be getting it repaired in a few days but I must continue my work possibly uninterrupted, so I chose to run the OS in another working laptop (I can't just transfer documents).

My question is really simple:

Can I create a virtual machine in VirtualBox (under Linux) that uses the physical hard drive mentioned above which is encrypted with BitLocker? I have the restore key at hand, of course.

I wouldn't like to mount the hard disk as primary hard disk for laptop (and run 7 as primary OS), but that could be the final choice if virtualizing is not an option.

Thank you.

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Officially, Microsoft does not support Bitlocker in a virtual environment, but somebody claims to have gotten it working on a guest in VMware (source).

The tricky bit about your case is that you've got an existing install on an encrypted disk that you want to run as a guest. I don't know if you can do that without converting it to a virtual disk image, which you'd have to decrypt the drive to do.

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