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Not exactly a programming question but I have an excel file which has over a few thousand records and I would like to have it divided into smaller excel files of lets say a few hundred records. Whats the easiest way to do this - sorry for not being a direct programming question :(

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A few thousand records is not pushing the limits of what a spreadsheet can hold. Do you have a specific reason for breaking it up? performance? ease of maintenance? – Chris Nava Aug 19 '09 at 18:44

If the spreadsheet is purely data (i.e. no cells referencing each other via formulas), then I guess I'd try to save it as a CSV, then programatically chop it up (e.g. by number of lines) and save each chunk to a different csv file.

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Programmatically, there is nothing stopping you from opening the excel file and dividing it into several smaller files.

Check out for a third party tool to make this easier. You could do it completely on your own using SpreadSheetML, this just makes it easier.

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If you have access to unix command line tools the CSV option mentioned earlier is trivial. Simple export to CSV, split --lines=100 the CSV into multiple files, import the files.

You could also try using macro scripting. Create a macro to cut the first few hundred records, paste them into a new spreadsheet and save with a unique name. Then press play multiple times or create a loop.

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