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How can I let TextMate show line numbers when I'm coding C++?

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Press Cmd-Opt-L or select View » Gutter » Line Numbers.

I don't think it's possible to automatically enable display of line numbers dependent on your current language. But with the default keyboard shortcut this command is easy enough to reach.

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While I certainly appreciate all the up votes for this answer, I'd like to use the popularity of this question to demonstrate how convenient it is to find menu items and commands in pretty much any OS X application. – Daniel Beck Sep 7 '12 at 20:01

View->Gutter->Line Numbers

Enjoy! Its a fun editor.

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For users stumbling on this question who want to actually insert numbers in front of each line, the following will help:

  1. Bundles > Text > Add Line Numbers to Selection
    • Applies "cat -n|expand -8" to selection/entire document
  2. Text -> Filter through command... allows more flexibility. e.g.:
    • perl -pe 's/^/sprintf("%2d ",$.)/e'

Thanks to @Hans and @Paul on the TM list

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