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I have an security cam with a built-in webpage inside my home network. That camera is using basic HTTP authentication instead of SSL. I want to be able to access the camera's webpage from outside my network, but I don't want to open an unencrypted video stream to the outside world.

Right now, I'm doing some cumbersome ssh tunneling where I bounce off an ssh server like:

ssh -N -L 9090:CAMERA_IP:80

and then I connect to my web page like:


But this is a pain.

Now, gentle reader, I beseech you to tell me how I can use linux (Ubuntu) to get a fully encrypted SSL connection to my internal web page without the hassle of creating an ssh tunnel each time.

I believe I can use stunnel, but I'm not sure of the command.

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Create a file on with the content (use the defualt stunnel.conf file as the starting point):

accept  = MY_PORT
connect = CAMERA_IP:80

Then allow incoming connections from MY_PORT, and you should be able to use SSL to my_port to connect.

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I'll give that a try. – Ross Rogers Mar 15 '11 at 0:22

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