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I have a Microsoft Sidewinder Precision Pro joystick that I would liek to use with my Windows 7 PC, but I need some kind of adapter that will allow me to use USB instead of the gameport adapter that the joystick has.

Where can I buy something like this?

What are some experiences you have with this or other joysticks using adapters for modern games like Battlefield etc.

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Did you get this working? – Caltor Sep 27 '13 at 18:08
@Caltor I ended up buying a new USB joystick – Lars Oct 1 '13 at 13:58

First, according to the Windows 7 Compatibility pages, that joystick will work in Windows 7 without additional drivers.

Additionally, you can get Game Port to USB adapters. A company named Logilink makes one (I'm sure there are others as well).

Logilink Game port to USB adapter

You could also get yourself a cheap Windows 7 compatible sound card that contains a game port.

Cheap Soundcard with Game Port

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don't bother.... buy a new gamepad/joystick. Windows 7 does not support this device and there is no type of driver for them. It sucks but you will save a lot of stress, time, and a little money by just buying a new gamebad.

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Old question, but for future readers/friends of the best joysticks ever in existence:

For the Gameport-Joysticks

  • Sidewinder 3D Pro
  • Sidewinder 3D Precision Pro
  • Sidewinder Force Feedback

an usual Gameport->Usb-Adapter won't do, because MS utilized non-standard pin-usage, to allow for more Buttons/Axes. After MS dropped the Gameport support in Vista, only few companies (e.g. Creative) made their own stacks/drivers. To my knowledge none of those work in 64-Bit.

The only solution is to build/order a sw3dprousb:

For ForceFeedback-effects, a fork named adapt-ffb-joy exists:

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