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Possible Duplicate:
Remote desktop to Mac from various platforms (Windows, Ubuntu)

What are some of the tools you can use to access the graphical login of a mac.

I know there is VNC, and windows has Remote Desktop Connection, but what are all of my options?

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You could use TeamViewer, it allows access to a computer from anywhere (provided it is running TeamViewer as well) and can be used with different OSs, not just OS X.

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My personal solution in a Mac-only environment is the built-in Screen Sharing, plus router port forwarding and Dynamic DNS for external access when needed.

If you don't want to bother with the technical setup for external access, MobileMe has a feature called Back To My Mac that simplifies this.

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I have several machines using the free version of LogMeIn. You can access from another Mac, PC, iPhone (I guess a connected Touch would work), iPad or android. Encrypted, no less.

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I use iChat desktop sharing for this. There are some Apple Scripts on the internet that can be used to autoaccept connections for desktop sharing.

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